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Great New Video from Róisín O - Hold On

Great New Video from Róisín O - Hold On I've had the privilege over the last couple of days to preview a video from Róisín O. It so lovely. The video is released today and catch it if you can.  She has the most fantastic voice - the kind that raises those little hairs on you arm. Her voice resonates right through to your heart. This is what Róisín herself has to say about the song; "Sometimes our minds take us to dark places and it gets hard to escape. A very close friend of mine was going through a tough time, as happens us all, and I found myself wanting, but unable, to help make things better for him. Sometimes all you can do for someone is to be there for them  and let them know that things will get better one day. This song is for him." The song touched me deeply because over the last few months a number of different people in my life have been going through difficult times and all I have been able to do has been to witness! The v