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Retirement – What do I do now?

S ome people plan their retirement many years ahead.  They have very definite views on what they are going to do and how they plan to live their lives.  They leave work, start to put their plans into action and away they go. For others it just isn’t as simple as that. Some people have made no plans at all beyond work. Quite often they are people who are not really choosing to go.  They may be going as a result of reductions in the workforce, or because partner and family have pressured them to go, or because it is financially advantageous to go.  But their heart isn’t really in it and they would much prefer to go on working. For others, well once they have left work,  life is just so very different to how they expected and they just don’t get round to putting their plans into action. But retirement presents you with lots of possibilities, even without a lot of money. I know someone who found it felt like being sixteen again with lots of choice but not in terms of care