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Create a To-Do List that Really Works!

Create a To-Do List that Really Works! Here is a video lesson from Michael Linenberger showing you how to dig your way out of your overwhelming work and life tasks, simply, and easily.  Best-selling author Michael Linenberger is called the Efficiency Guru for good reason—upon its release in March, his book Master Your Workday Now! quickly jumped to be the #1 best-selling time management book on Amazon.  In this video, you will learn how to create a new kind of super to-do list, called the Workday Mastery To-Do List, that really works to control your day! Its very easy and amazingly effective.  Here is a link to his book. Master Your Workday Now!: Proven Strategies to Control Chaos, Create Outcomes, & Connect Your Work to Who You Really Are Wendy Mason is a career coach.  She helps people reach their goals and aspirations, without sacrificing their home and personal life.  Before working as a coach, Wendy had a long career in both the public and private secto