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Be Happy - Make Time For Fun

Be Happy - Make Time For Fun Life Coach Marie Wetmore discusses the critical yet often forgotten ingredient for a happy life: fun. When fun and enjoyment become a low priority, you'll find that a month can go by without the vital fun that helps you be a happy person. Marie suggests a simple, actionable strategy to be happy: scheduling fun into your life on a regular basis. Here's the challenge: carve out time in your schedule every day for two weeks. This is time for you to be happy by going out and doing something purely for enjoyment. Part of the challenge is simply to create happiness every day. But the other part of the exercise is to help you learn to be more efficient and effective with your other commitments so you can experience the success of getting in control of your own schedule. With good time management you maximize your effectiveness so that you can take care of your high priorities. In other words, the goal of being happy, like all other goals, depen