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One-Moment Meditation: "How to Meditate in a Moment"

One-Moment Meditation: "How to Meditate in a Moment" Learn to meditate in a moment with this hugely popular animated video, based on Martin Boroson's book, One-Moment Meditation. Reduce stress, improve focus and find peace ... right now.  More info and online training at . "One-Moment Meditation is to the seeker what the Swiss Army knife is to the hiker: an essential tool for survival. Whether it's enlightenment or basic sanity we're after, attention to this very moment is key. Boroson eminently captures the terrain, and the places we can lose our footing, all the while providing a firm handhold." -- Barbara Joshin O'Hara, Sensei, The Village Zendo, New York Video Licence Standard YouTube Licence Wendy Mason is a career coach.  She helps people reach their goals and aspirations, without sacrificing their home and personal life.  Before working as a coach, Wendy had a