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Is Facebook Good Or Bad For Your Self-Esteem?

Is Facebook Good Or Bad For Your Self-Esteem? I think you will enjoy this post from Psychology Today "Does  Facebook  enhance your  self-esteem  or does the popular method of connecting with people and "making friends," actually detract from a strong sense of self? There appears to be conflicting perceptions and evidence regarding this question. Facebook has more than 750 million users worldwide. It facilitates people keeping in touch online with a network of "friends" and the size of these networks varies from a handful to hundreds of thousands. One of the things that has not been clear is whether there is any relationship between the number of friends a person has and the number of their real-life friends. Some experts have observed anectodally that social network friends are very different than real-life friends. To provide a more scientific perspective, researcher Geraint Rees, and his colleagues at the University College of London exam