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Mead for Mid-Summer

As the sun spirals its longest dance, Cleanse us As nature shows bounty and fertility Bless us Let all things live with loving  intent And to fulfill their truest destiny. (A Wiccan Blessing for Mid-Summer) The French Anthropologist, Claude Lévi-Strauss , has written of mead marking the moment when we moved from being creatures of nature to being creatures of culture. Mead at its simplest is a fermented mixture of water and honey.  But it is, oh, so much more than that.  Apart from anything else you can drink meads with all kinds of flavours from apple to wildflowers.  In fact wildflowers flavour the recipe for Midsummer Mead that you can find at this link . You will find many other recipes for mead at the same site. We’ve  been making mead for about 7,000 years and it has run through our beliefs and our mythology in Europe, Asia and in Africa as a sacred drink. In Morse mythology it is the Mead of Poetry which turns you into a poet and that is crafted from