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Healthy Lifestyle: Simple Exercises To Do At Home - Walking

Healthy Lifestyle: Simple Exercises To Do At Home - Walking Get started walking at home with this complete workout by Leslie Sansone. Warm up followed by workout then cool down recovery ending with stretching. Wendy Smith  is a career consultant, life coach and business coach with depth of experience in helping people lead happier lives and feel more fulfilled. She has worked in man agement as well as coaching and personal development, as well as starting up her own businesses. That means she is equally at home helping clients find a new career direction, starting-up a new business or dealing with life’s more challenging personal issues.  Need help finding work, with problems at work, at home or with relationships? B ook a FREE coaching session with Wendy or find out more at this link  

Tips on Walking for Fitness

English: Walking the dog in Swarland Wood (Photo credit: Wikipedia )           Tips on Walking for Fitness Walking is one of the simplest and most effective forms of exercise.  You can do it virtually any time and any place.  Whether you are new to walking as an exercise or if you have been doing it for years, these tips can help you get the most from your program.. Check with your doctor if you are very overweight, have a chronic medical condition or if you have had a recent injury.  This doesn't mean you can't undertake a walking program but you should check first "just in case"! Invest in good shoes. These are the only equipment you need, so it is worth investing.   Pay attention to the fit and quality. Shoes should fit when you try them on without any pinching or pressure that could cause blisters or calluses. Wear the type of socks you'll wear when walking when you purchase your shoes.  Shoes should have good arch support