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Become a Leader

New leaders succeed by allowing people to learn and develop on the job. And by encouraging them to be proactive. Let them know they really can influence the way the organization achieves success. Find out more at the link below. #careercoach #leadership   Become a Leader

Your Help is Needed

Your Help is Needed Today, I'm seeking your help.  I've been writing posts about job search on my Wisewolf Talking blog for about four years. That isn't all I write about on that particular blog but recently it has been a popular subject. So I've decided to bring all the research I've done to produce those posts into a new book about job search.  I'm setting out my thoughts under six main headings:  • Job search today and creating an overall job search strategy  • Finding the right opportunities  • Becoming a good candidate  • Going through the recruitment process, with a detailed guide to managing interviews  • Making a good start in the new role  • Maintaining your confidence and self belief throughout  What I need from you now please, are your thoughts on the advice you would welcome most in a book like this.  • If you are looking for work, what is the nugget you would welcome?  • If you are a recruiter, what is it you would like candidates to know th

Time Management – Dealing with those Impossible Deadlines

Time Management - Dealing With Those Impossible Deadlines You can download a free podcast from Wendy Mason on Dealing with Impossible Deadlines at this link Do you seem to spend a lot of your time dealing with impossible deadlines? Our lives seem to be full of them! Particularly if you are ambitious and prepared to take on the interesting challenges. What about when you find yourself rushing to get the children off on that school trip? They need all that kit and it is the day you have an urgent meeting at work. And guess what! That meeting is due to start half an hour before you usually arrive at the office! Then there is the new project. The boss has given it you because you said you needed a challenge. And it is. It is close to “undoable” and very high profile. So, how many other times you found yourself with an assignment that is simply impossible to finish in the time allotted? Or, perhaps, you just have too many “urgent” tasks! So what do you

Why “be the best” when you could be the one making the rules?

Today we have an interesting and thought-provoking guest post on career development on sister blog, WiseWolf Talking .  It is from Lindsey Harper Mac.  Lindsey is a professional writer living in the Indianapolis area. She specializes in writing guest posts on social media and education. Currently, Lindsey is completing work on her master’s degree. When most people talk about making a career change, that decision is the product of discontent, job loss, or both. Few people make it through the course of their careers without changing direction at least once. Lindsey discusses why exploring these different options is healthy for anyone, prompting contemplative thought about what, exactly, they want to do with their lives. You can read her post at this link Wendy Mason is a career coach working mainly with professional women who want to make that jump to senior level while having a

Be Self-Confident – Confidence and the Personal Development Mindset

This post appeared first in the blog at our  Personal Development Coaching  Website The second characteristic of a Personal Development Mindset  is self-confidence. What is self confidence? You are self-confident when you believe in you and your own abilities. It doesn’t mean that you always get things right. But when you don’t, you still think you are OK, you are not lacking or incomplete. It is the self-confidence that allows you to have a go at new things – you are OK and so you can try something new!  Self-confidence means you can integrate mind and body and focus on what you want to achieve.  You believe "I have the ability to do this"! Self-confidence leads to success Self-confidence is at the root of many other abilities and traits. If you do not have self-confidence, what you do will never be truly fulfilling. You won’t believe that any success you achieve was really down to you. And you may not have the confidence to try new things and

Retirement – What do I do now?

S ome people plan their retirement many years ahead.  They have very definite views on what they are going to do and how they plan to live their lives.  They leave work, start to put their plans into action and away they go. For others it just isn’t as simple as that. Some people have made no plans at all beyond work. Quite often they are people who are not really choosing to go.  They may be going as a result of reductions in the workforce, or because partner and family have pressured them to go, or because it is financially advantageous to go.  But their heart isn’t really in it and they would much prefer to go on working. For others, well once they have left work,  life is just so very different to how they expected and they just don’t get round to putting their plans into action. But retirement presents you with lots of possibilities, even without a lot of money. I know someone who found it felt like being sixteen again with lots of choice but not in terms of care

Personal and Career Development with Wendy Mason

Working with a coach is a simple but very effective form of self development – either professional or personal. The client and coach work together to promote a change and to help the client become who they want to be and to overcome obstacles to their success. Coaches work with individuals in their personal life and with executives, managers and others in their professional and business life.  I work with people in the round so I don’t draw a big black line round the personal to distinguish it from the professional, the two often overlap! But I do work with change and transition.  If you are not going through a change or want to make a change, then perhaps I'm not the right person to work with you. There are lots of other good coaches around. Many of us have plans about what we want to do, who we want to be and what we want to become.  A coach works with you to find out what is important and how to create the conditions that foster it. Coaching builds skills; both p