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Tuesday Quotes - Find A Little Happiness

Tuesday Quotes - Find A Little Happiness I wish you every happiness and if you need help finding it please get in touch. Warm regards Wendy Related articles What is your special gift? Career Development: When it is time for a change! Tuesday Clinic: When You Make A Mistake!

Happiness Is What We Make It. The First One...

Happiness Is What We Make It. The First One... Today we have the first post from one of our new contributors, Stephanie Carfrae. Stephanie is a Creative Writing Graduate and you can find her own blog at Happiness is what we make it. A hard concept to grasp, but think about it this way: if you make yourself happy with life as it is right now, things can only get better. You don’t need to feel low about things not going your way; if you are happy those things will somehow transpire into existence. If you keep focusing on the things that are making you unhappy you are but welcoming in those emotions so that more of the same come. So while I may not have the best body, I don’t complain about it; I make the best out of the situation I’ve been given. I’m an active believer in YOLO (You Only Live Once). I know a lot of people say it and don’t know the true meaning of it but it is: taking a chance to change a life (your life/their life/whoever’s life) b

Happiness is how we think! Part 1

  Most of the time we don’t think about how we think!  We just do it. Thoughts seem to drift in and drift out again without much intervention from us. And most of the time we are happy that way! But sometimes our thoughts do not make us happy.  Negative thoughts can make us feel miserable and very unhappy.  Our thoughts may keep us awake at night and they can intrude into our days.  They can make us feel angry and sad.  Sometimes the thoughts in our head leave us with unpleasant and uncomfortable feelings about ourselves, the people about us and the world in general.      Our thoughts can mean we focus on the negative even when there is very strong evidence that we are, and everything about us is, basically OK. Over the next few posts here, we are going to explore some ways that we think negatively and how you might be able to make some changes. Here are my first three ways of thinking negatively; “overgeneralising”, “labelling” and “personal