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Hanging Onto Stars

Hanging Onto Stars Here is another post from contributor, Stephanie Carfrae. She is a Creative Writing Graduate; you can find her own blog  at   and I think you will be inspired by Stephanie's  first video on  YouTube    There is nothing wrong with hanging onto things. Be they people, ideas, memories or something else. But one day there will come a time when you need to ask why. Why you’re holding onto someone when they obviously won’t change, why you are holding onto that particular idea, why you want that memory to repeat or why you’re holding onto the particular product? And your answer will most likely be ‘Just in case.’ What I recommend for moving forward instead of backwards or standing still, when hanging onto people and/or memories is to believe and confirm to yourself (either out loud or silently) that you deserve better. The male/female in question has either betrayed your trust/love in some way or is about to. You deserve