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Why Telephone Coaching Works

Why Telephone Coaching Works I've  been coaching successfully by phone and Skype for a while now and clients have found it a very positive experience. It always amazes me just how powerful and effective coaching by phone can be.  But lots of people seem to have reservations about trying coaching by phone.  What phone coaching can do for you! First of all phone coaching delivers all the benefits that coaching by other methods delivers.  That is an opportunity to gain;  • Fresh perspectives on personal challenges and opportunities,  • Improved thinking and decision making skills,  • Better interpersonal skills and communication • Increased confidence at work and in your personal life. There are some special advantages specific to phone coaching. These include:  Concentration – it if often much easier to concentrate on the issues you want to consider Convenient and Relaxing -  as a client you can be in your own familiar surroundings. I find it is much