Stay Positive In Your Job Search - It Is Imperative!

“It is not your aptitude, but your attitude, that determines your altitude.”
~ Zig Ziglar
Attitude is an issue in all job search.
According to a survey of 1,000 employers by recruitment group REED, 96 per cent of bosses would take on someone who displayed the perfect mindset but lacked the complete set of skills, rather than a person with the right academic qualifications but wrong attitude.
The same criteria applied to firing procedure. Two-thirds of employers surveyed said that, if push came to shove, they would keep those employees with the right attitude rather than those with a more complete skill-set.
So, in your job search, it’s about combining your transferable skills with the right mindset.  Then demonstrating that mindset in your job search and through the recruitment process.
James Reed, Chairman of REED and Paul G. Stoltz, a leading expert on measuring and strengthening human resilience, have produced a book based on the survey,Put Your Mindset to Work”!  This explains why employers are THREE TIMES more likely to hire people with the right mindset over those who are more qualified on paper. They discuss what the mindset looks like and how to develop and make the most of it.
So what is the attitude that employers are likely to value?
For Reed and Stoltz, their ’3G Mindset’ includes:
Global - the openness and big-picture perspective
Good - a positive force with an unwavering moral compass
Grit - the tenacity and resilience to thrive on adversity
If you can demonstrate that you are open minded, positive, enthusiastic, and willing to go the extra mile, you are going to be far more likely to do well in your job search.
If you can combine this attitude with those transferable skills, you are far more likely to inspire confidence in potential employers.
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