Communication and Life Lessons from a Ranch Horse


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In Mark Rashid's book Life Lessons from a Ranch Horse, he, the teacher, becomes the student when a nondescript, seven-year-old horse steps into his life.
Mark is a famous horse trainer,  who is known for listening to them and working with them in a non-confrontational manner.
So this "different" horse arrives and Mark  has to re-evaluate everything he think he knows about horses and himself, as a trainer and as a person.
Beginning with an untimely balk from Buck, who never falters, Mark tries to find out why it happened.  He draws on the full range of his experience from Native American teaching to Japanese martial arts,
Gradually he begins to understand the horse and how he thinks.  What he learns makes up the story of the book!
He comes to believe that Buck, an everyday horse, has the ability to plan ahead and make choices in a consistent manner!
This book will change how you think about animals but also how you think about yourself and how you communicate with those about you!
If you are serious about really wanting to communicate well with other people, then I don't think you could do better than read this!


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