Body language and a more confident approach to life!

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Body language has a major part to play in how we communicate with others.

People form a very quick first impression of us based on appearance and body language - the way we walk, smile, sit and stand.

When we communicate,  this body language plays a major role – greater than the words we use or the tone of voice that we adopt.

Once we understand the role that body language plays we can learn to shape the way that others see us. 
Body language can help us project a confident image. 

Being aware of our body language and knowing that we are projecting a confident image help us to feel more confident!  This supports us in dealing with others as our confidence grows.

An understanding of body language allows us to communicate more effectively.  This is because with the right body language we can reinforce the message we wish to convey.   But also it helps us to understand much better the real meaning and emotions of people - those with whom we are communicating. 

An understanding of confident body language and the ability to use our own body language confidently allows us to understand and deal more effectively with those about us.  

Learning to smile and convey warmth helps people to like us.  We can lean to use gestures to convey empathy and to encourage mutual understanding. 

Knowing that we can project a confident image that encourages others to like us and knowing how we come across contributes to our self confidence.  It supports our ability to handle challenging situations and life in general. 

But it is important to recognize that body language can be culturally specific.  What is acceptable in one culture may not be so in others.  For example, offering a warm handshake is positive in many countries but may not be so in others.  We need to be aware that the meaning of gestures and the acceptability of particular behaviour can vary between cultures. 

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