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Are you stressed-out by your poor work-life balance?

Are you stressed-out by your poor work-life balance?

You know you have a work-life balance problem when you
  • Don’t have enough time for everything and spend what time you have handling scheduling conflicts,
  • Feel stressed and overwhelmed by trying to balance your different roles.
Research for Health Canada indicates four main factors lead to work-life balance problems and stress:
  • Role overload: you don’t have enough time or energy to carry out all the activities required to perform all your roles properly and without discomfort.
  • Work-to-family interference: work demands make it difficult to fulfill family-roles and to provide what family members need from you, for example;
    • Long hours at work prevent you going to the school open-evening  
    • You are so preoccupied with what is happening at work that you can’t enjoy or take part fully in family life,
    • Pressure at work spills over at home and you get into arguments with your partner, your mother or the children.
  • Family-to-work interference: what the family needs makes it more difficult for you to meet your work responsibilities, for example;
    • A child is ill and there is no one else you can trust to look after them
    • Relationship problems and conflicts at home, make it difficult to concentrate at work.
  • Carer strain: The demands of being a carer means you can’t meet needs in a number of different areas of your life, including at work and with the rest of your family

Working with a life coach can help you to sort out priorities and organize your time better. You can learn techniques to help you eliminate or manage stress.

I’ve been there and got the tea-shirt in coping with work-life balance problems and I know that I can help you. 

I offer coaching by phone, Skype, email and face to face in Central and South East London.  Email me now

try 2Wendy Smith is a life coach and writer at Wisewolf Coaching. She is a qualified coach and a member of the Association for Coaching as well as being a member of the Institute of Consulting and a graduate of the Common Purpose leadership programme. Wendy holds an advanced diploma in life coaching and a graduate certificate in confidence coaching. You can contact Wendy at

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