Be a Self-Starter – Confidence and the Personal Development Mindset

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The third characteristic of a Personal Development Mindset  is to be a self-starter!


Personal development means taking personal responsibility for your own learning and development and taking the first steps yourself. Usually this is through a process of review/stock-take, exploration/research, and taking action.


One of the best ways to start your self-development is to prioritize your professional and personal goals.  It is impossible to do everything so it is important to make a list and make choices. What for you are the most important things to do, in terms of your career and your personal life?

Think about;
  1. Your private interests and needs in your life outside work; for example spiritual development, parenting skills or relationship building.
  2. Your career interests, for example, responding to developments in your professional discipline or specialism or changes in demand in the workplace.
  3. But also be prepared to explore possible new interests and new directions.
Always allow some space for 3. above! Never underestimate the power of standing on a box to look over your personal garden fence to find out what others are doing and what new possibilities might exist.

Knowing what is important for you and your goals is the first steps toward achieving those goals. You could write a personal vision and mission statement

Now you are ready to set out to explore the opportunities for learning.  How do you like to learn? There are lots self-development methods around, and which one works best for you will depend on your own personality, your own strengths and, of course, your personal and professional development goals. But it is up to you to do the research – that is what being a self-starter is all about.

Then, develop a personal development plan that identifies your learning needs to achieve your goals. This can be as simple as a spreadsheet that records you goals, the actions you plan, how will you know when you have achieved them. Include a comments column to record progress. You could commit to keeping a learning log or diary to help you analyze what you are learning and to help you review progress.

Personal Development is a continuous cycle of activity based on:
  • Identifying goals
  • Defining the actions to be taken
  • Taking action and recording progress
  • Reflecting on the outcomes and determining whether goals need to be changed and whether new actions need to be taken.
Be a self-starter and begin your self-development today! I would love to hear about your progress and if you need support from a coach you know where to find me!

 Wendy Mason is a Life and Career Coach.  She helps people have the confidence they need to be successful at work and to change career. You can email her at or ring ++44(0)2084610114       Other Useful Articles


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