Having a Bad Day - Tips For Dealing With Days When You Just Feel Down

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Having a Bad Day -Tips For Dealing With Days When You Just Feel Down

Some days you just wake up in a bad mood. I'm not talking here about depression or long-term problems. Just one of those days when you wake up feeling down. It might be the weather. It could be something that happened yesterday that made you feel bad. It isn't a serious issue but just for today you feel down. 

What can you do? Here are my tips for dealing with the odd dark day.
  1. First try to workout why. Be very honest with yourself. If there is something you need to put right, then commit to doing it and make the first step. It will help you to feel better.
  2. Occupy yourself with simple work – cleaning or sorting out the admin in the office is great for this. Find something that will occupy your mind, give you a sense of achievement but not take great intellect.
  3. Do not take short cuts through alcohol, drugs or overeating – they provide a temporary fix but cause a longer term problem. But a little chocolate can help
  4. Listen to your favorite music, read your favorite book or watch your favorite video.
  5. Go for a change of scenery – coffee with an old friend is great but so is going for a long walk in the open air. If you have to work then get out into the local park at lunch time.
  6. Smile! Smiling is good for you and it is a great mood lifter – remember the best joke you know and smile at complete strangers – you might lift their day, as well as your own.
  7. Say thank you – write a list of ten good things in your life. Now say a slow thank you to God/the Universe for each and every one.
  8. Take your list and go some where quiet, take time to feel the earth beneath your feet, the air on your face and take some deep breaths. Oxygen is great for making you feel good! Now remember your good things and say thank you all over again.
Feeling down sometimes is natural. But if it starts to happen more than very occasionally take action. Talk to your medical adviser, counsellor or coach. 

Wendy Mason is a Life and Career Coach.  She helps people have the confidence they need to be successful at work and to change career while maintaining a good work/life balance. You can email her at wendymason @wisewolfcoaching.com

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