Relationships - are you in a dangerous relationship?

English: This park and memorial were errected ...This park and memorial were erected in Elliot Lake, ON in memory of local women who died as a result of domestic violence, and to remind of the struggle with violence that women face everyday. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At this link you will find a quiz. 

This quiz was given during a lecture on risk markers for domestic violence and emotional abuse.  Now, no quiz can give you a precise answer on the quality of your relationship and its risks.  

Don't take the final scores as gospel.  But some of the questions are really thought provoking.  For example;

  • Does this person accept responsibility for his or her own actions rather than blaming failures on others?
  • Does your partner respect your right to make decisions affecting your own life?
  • Is your partner glad that you have other friends (even friends whom you do not share in common)?

There are lots of things to think about here in the context of your own current relationship and whether there are risks attached to it.  Take the quiz and think very carefully about what the questions mean to you.  If you are unfortunate enough to be in an abusive relationship, act now.  Things really do not get better.  

Here is the quiz 

You can find support if you suffer domestic violence by ringing in the US

The Hotline   by phone at             1-800-799-SAFE       (7233), or             1-800-787-3224       (TTY) or            (206) 787-3224       (Video Phone Only for Deaf Callers).

And in the UK

24-hour National Domestic Violence
Freephone Helpline
            0808 2000 247     

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