Choosing a mate - are you a Mummy's Boy or a Daddy's Girl?


Choosing a mate - are you a Mummy's Boy or a Daddy's Girl?

Now we have talked about this for years.  But recent research has shown that we really do appear to choose a mate that looks like our parents.

Girls look for a boy that looks like dear old Dad.  And boys don't realize that their dream woman actually looks like their lovely Mum.  

Cognitive psychologist, David Perrett, of the University of St Andrews has studied what makes faces attractive to us.  He has developed a magick, morphing computer programme that can adjust faces over and over again until he gets what he wants.

He asked students to decide among his images of faces, which they fancied most.  What they didn't know was that the images he has showed them included their own face morphed into the opposite sex.  And that seemed to be the face that students preferred.  This suggests that we find our own faces attractive because they remind us of the faces we saw most in our childhood - Mum and Dad.

You can test out your own preferences by taking this face perception test, developed by Professor David Perrett.
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