Getting There – The WiseWolf Career and Personal Development Programme

 Getting There – The WiseWolf Career and Personal Development Programme

Work Life, Home Life and Work-Life Integration

Would you like to
  • Understand yourself and your personal values better,
  • Develop your strength and talents,
  • Build your confidence, self image and self esteem.
  • Improve your opportunities in the job market and in your career,
  • Enhance your quality of life and your relationships?
Then Getting There is for you!

What is it?

A program that helps you achieve success in your career and in your life outside work, while living in harmony with your own values.

You join the programme and each month you can listen to a teleseminar, receive a written report/workbook and take part in a group coaching session, if you wish to. In addition, you have your own, one-to-one, half hour coaching session by phone or Skype to deal with issues that are personal to you. Each month the teleseminar, the group coaching session and the report/workbook will follow a particular theme. The theme each month will focus on a personal competence or a technique, for example,
  • Confidence,
  • Leadership,
  • Building strong personal relationships,
  • Dealing with conflicting priorities,
  • Negotiating at work,
  • Creating a personal development plan,
  • Writing a powerful CV/resume,
  • Time management,
  • Handling personal change,
  • Dealing with anger and conflict.
Remember, these are just examples!

Who is it for?

The programme is for anyone who wants to have a successful Work Life, Home Life and Work-Life Integration! But it will be very useful to experienced managers and professionals who want to make that move to senior level while having a successful life at home, as well as at work. 

Why is this special?

This programme will help you to be successful while staying true to yourself. Wendy Mason has depth of experience in management, consultancy and coaching in the public and private sectors. She has an out-standing track record n helping people achieve career success and a happy life outside work. 

How do I join?

Email for further details!

Bookmark this link – more information about the programme will appear here over the next few days
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