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Teepee Retreat with Treatments

Teepee Retreat with Treatments

English: Centre for alternative technology
Centre for Aternative Technology 

You can enjoy a teepee retreat weekend with relaxing holistic therapies included on theSoul Revival Weekend! 

You'll leave the stresses of everyday life behind as you relax in the heart of Wales on this two night Eco retreat. The retreat provides the tranquillity and romance of outdoor living, whilst avoiding the usual pitfalls of having to pitch your own tent and sleeping under canvas.
This retreat is designed to give you the space to full unwind and recharge your batteries, with calming Reiki natural therapy and a relaxing meditation session, as well as tickets for the fun and fascinating Centre for Alternative Technology nearby. During your stay you can do as little or as much as you choose - many guests remain on site and chill out or head off for a walk in the miles of open countryside stretching out beyond the teepees.
The stunning surroundings of the Eco Retreat provide a variety of environments to explore, high mountains lie to the north and fantastic beaches lie to the west and south of the site.
Each 21 foot diameter teepee is located in its own secluded site and provides a beautiful and inspiring living space complete with wood burning 'chiminea' stove, sheepskin rugs, double bed, welcome hamper and even your own toilet and shower facilities next door. By day they are bright and fresh, by night nothing can beat snuggling up by a cosy fire.
This Soul Revival Teepee Retreat has  been presented with the 'Real Alternative Award' at the Welsh National Tourism Awards 2007, recognising the efforts made to deliver a quality experience, whilst promoting a positive ecological and ethical stance.

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