Spirit of the Wolf

Spirit of the Wolf

"I wrote the song in October 2011 during a writer's workshop in Big Sur. It was a powerful experience. The imagery of a transcendent wolf spirit came to me as the narrator and storyteller. The story touches on the loss of range and hunting to near extinction of wolves, and recounts aspects of the parallel fate of native Americans.

The song was recorded between July and October 2011 during the making of a full length album, Northern Lights. Music features Dayan Kai on flutes and Radoslav Lorkovic on piano.

The writing of this song heightened my interest in the efforts to conserve and reintroduce wolves into the wild. I had been working on the idea of a video that would accompany the story, with appropriate images from both the wolf and native American themes. When the Wyoming wolf hunt began to take a toll on the Yellowstone wolves, culminating with the death of Lamar Canyon Alpha Female 06, Jimmy Jones' photographs told a compelling story. The idea of a video with music and photographs of 06 and other Yellowstone wolves took shape. My intention is to use this video to draw attention to the many organizations working to support and advocate for the wolves." Matt Stone

A noted California Folk and Americana performing songwriter, Matt's songs have been called moving and soulful. His stories will take you to sycamore-lined creeks, transpacific China Clipper flights, Barcelona cafés, and beyond.

Spirit of the Wolf video
produced by Matt Stone
(c) 2012

Photo credits:
Jimmy Jones Photography
Embracing Nature Gallery

Music credits:
Spirit of the Wolf
written and performed by Matt Stone
recorded and produced by Dave Blackburn, BeatNTrack Studio, Fallbrook, CA
Dayan Kai on wood and silver flutes
Radoslav Lorkovic on piano

Donation Links:

Wolf Watcher

California Wolf Center

Wolf Conservation Center

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