Travel with Kendra:Stress-Free Travel Tips

Travel with Kendra: Stress-Free Travel Tips

Today we have a guest post from the much travelled Kendra Thornton. Now she is a full time  mother of 3. Before being promoted to the full time position of Mommy, she was the Orbitz director of communications and had the opportunity to travel all around the world. Kendra is a great person to give us tips for travelling happily and staying healthy!

If you are a woman who enjoys travelling  but hates the stress of planning each and every aspect of your journey, these tips can assist you in obtaining a balanced and peaceful travel experience. When planning to head out of town, whether you are travelling to a faraway exotic location or a destination nearby, vacation is a time when you should be able to unwind, settle down and relax without the constant stress of everyday life following you along the way. While it is important to not over-plan your vacation, having certain things taken care of before you depart can provide you with an overall better experience than you would have otherwise.

Tip 1: On-Site Activities for Added Fun

Whenever I am planning a vacation for the family, I always try to find a hotel or resort that offers a wide variety of on-site amenities that we can all enjoy. Whether we're travelling with the kids or I'm spending the weekend with my husband, we always have a much better time when there are plenty of things to do on-site that amuse us throughout our stay. This gives us the ability to stay right at the hotel without having to find other things to do nearby.

On-line resources such as Gogobot are excellent in helping you to find listings of hotels, tips, tricks and reviews from others who are pleased with the facilities. Some things that you may want to look for include free continental breakfast, kids clubs, planned activities, sports courts and more.

Tip 2: Staying Hydrated

Staying hydrated is especially important in order to fully enjoy a healthy and safe vacation. Not only will water help you to stay hydrated while you are out and about, enjoying theme parks and outdoor attractions, but it's also a great idea to pack your own healthy snacks that are loaded with nutrients and will help you to save money rather than buying unhealthy snacks throughout your travels.

Tip 3: Yoga Before Travelling

Before travelling  I like to enjoy a light workout that keeps my muscles in shape. Sitting in the car or on a plane for hours can lead to restlessness and stiff joints. By enjoying yoga before travelling  you'll get your blood flowing, leading to a healthier travel experience. If you’re not into yoga - go for a run, walk or rollerblade to get that energy out. I recommend the kids doing the same!

Tip 4: Stress Relief Through Music

Travelling alone or with the kids in tow can become quite stressful or even a little bit boring. That's why I like to load up my iPod with tons of music from artists that I enjoy before travelling  Apps like Spotify also give me access to the latest hits that meet my interests. By simply plugging the iPod into the car, we can listen to all different types of genres that can be a major stress reliever.

Tip 5: Go Exploring

While you may be suffering from a little bit of jet lag after entering a different time zone, you can actually rest your internal rhythm by getting out as soon as you arrive at your destination and enjoying the beautiful outdoor weather. MacGregor in Yoga Journal states that it's great to, "get out and explore it as soon as you can."

With summer here in full swing and traveling always being a good idea to do no matter what time of the year - I hope these personal travel tips find you well and are helpful for your next vacation!

Kendra Thornton, now a full time  mother of 3, was the former Orbitz director of communications and had the opportunity to travel all around the world.


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