You Are Unique - It Is Time To Be Proud!

You Are Unique - It Is Time To Be Proud!

Here is another post from contributor, Stephanie Carfrae. She is a Creative Writing Graduate; you can find her own blog at and I think you will be inspired by Stephanie's first video on YouTube  

I was told once that I was really strong because I just don’t care do I? 

I do care if you’re important to me. But if it’s a once in a lifetime experience or if I’ll never see the people from a certain situation again I don’t.

 Life is too short to worry about what people think of you. 

It doesn’t matter what people think of you, as long as you’re happy. When your happiness shines through they can grimace all they like, but they won’t be able to take away your experience. And that’s what life’s all about, experiencing things. 

Although it may be a risk, you’ve got to try it else you never know if it’ll work out. And this involves making mistakes too. Lots of them. Everybody makes them. 

At certain times it will feel like you’re the only one but that isn’t the case. It will feel like only you go through these things because it’s enveloped with how you deal with a situation. I can promise someone has been there and has made that same mistake. Nothing is new anymore. Every thought you think has been thought of before – just maybe not in the same way you think it. 

It’s a bit crushing to realise this – but every experience has already been experienced by someone in this world. They might not have experienced it in the way you have though – so from this point of view everything you do is unique. Someone might have been there already, but they haven’t been through what you have to reach this moment in time. 

We all have a unique view on the world and no one has been through the same as you because they’re not you. People will be able to relate to each other, with a favourite song or something, but everyone in the world is unique and different and that is nothing to be ashamed of. You have a unique perspective on the world and if you don’t share it: that is the only thing to ever feel ashamed of. 

Stephanie Carfrae, Creative Writing Graduate. Find her blog at and her video introduction at


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