Are you feeling stuck in the maze?

Are you feeling stuck in the maze?

When I talk to new life coaching clients the most common words I hear are;  “Can you help please? I feel stuck".

It usually makes me think of someone lost in a maze surrounded by high hedges with no idea how to go forward or back. And sadly most have forgotten exactly how they got here. They are well and truly stuck.

It doesn’t feel good to be stuck in a maze where all paths seem to lead nowhere.

Of course, it is an illusion. There is a way to the centre and back again out into the wider world if you can get up high enough to see or you have a map.

And that is I suppose what working with a life coach is about.  Finding a way to get up high, taking the broader perspective, or at least a different one, working out where you want to be in the big wide world and making a plan.

Climbing that ladder or getting into the helicopter on your own can be frightening.  You need confidence to do it.  And when you have been stuck for a while, confidence is one of things that gets damaged.

You need to phone a friend or even better a life coach.  We are really good at holding the
ladder and we've been taking helicopter rides over life’s mazes for a while now.

Get in touch, I'm always happy to help.

I hope you are having a very good week.

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