My Belief By Stephanie Carfrae

My Belief By Stephanie Carfrae

Here is another post from contributor, Stephanie Carfrae. She is a Creative Writing Graduate; you can find her own blog at and I think you will be inspired by Stephanie's first video on YouTube 

When I find myself facing a task I don’t like or that I think will take a long time if I get involved. I just imagine myself not being able to do that particular thing ever again. It helps me stop putting things off.  

Having infinity to get things done is a nice idea but that’s all it can ever be because time is so precious. Life is unpredictable at the best of times. 

After I’ve had a good time at an occasion, I just use that as inspiration to do what I need to. 

Life is an unpredictable waiting game. 

You never know what is coming next. Which is why it can be exciting. 

When you’re going through a really hard time, it seems it will never improve. But there is always a ray of light somewhere. It may be buried deep within a situation or may be really obvious but you can find it. 

Sometimes it’s easier to see the light when you remove yourself from the situation. This isn’t always possible but when you close your eyes you can make believe that you can take yourself out of the equation and see that it is all right. 

I have always thought of life as a waiting room in a doctor’s surgery. Something’s always going on and sometimes there’s a new patient who will become important to you or someone else who’s close to you.  Often it is just a check-up you are waiting for, but sometimes the waiting room will get a little crazy and serious. It can bring you back to the Earth with a bang.

Stephanie Carfrae, Creative Writing Graduate. Find her blog at and her video introduction at


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