Wash away that negativity!

Wash away that negativity!

Many religions incorporate ritual washing in water as an act of purification. Some use water specially prepared for the purpose but at the end of the day it is water that is being used.

Water is so important to human survival that in many parts of the world springs and wells are places of special significance and often regarded as holy. In the Japanese religion of Shinto waterfalls are held sacred and standing under them is believed to purify.

We know that water cleanses as well as sustaining us. So why not use water in a new way in your
own life. When you feel negative or angry, use your own water ritual to change how you feel. Find somewhere to wash your hands in cool, clean, running, water. As you do so, feel the freshness flowing to you and the negativity flowing away.

If you can be out in the open air and do this in stream that is wonderful. If you can’t even get to a tap, then how about using a bottle of water poured slowly over your hands with a clear intention to wash away the negativity.

This could bring a whole new meaning to the morning shower and its ability to help you make a good start to the day.

Just the sight and sound of water can be relaxing – try the video below, courtesy of YouTube

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