Happiness is When the Cat Purrs

Someone once told me a story. A woman had been living a miserable life. Her husband was a bully who tried to control her completely. Over the years her creative spirit slowly eroded away. She couldn't see how she would ever be happy. How could she find the confidence to leave and make another life? 

One of the few joys in her life, was her cat. 

The family lived in small flat in a large city. Husband insisted they kept the cat inside. The cat seems healthy enough but the woman noticed she never purred. Circumstances changed and they moved to a new flat. It was much larger, light and airy. There were two balconies. The woman loved the new place and so, apparently, did the cat. One day the woman heard a new sound - her silent cat had begun to purr. And the purring became a habit. With more freedom, light and fresh air, the cat was much happier.

It took the woman a little longer to find her happiness. But one day she met someone who inspired and supported her. That was enough to help her start a new life. And she too found freedom, light and fresh air. 

The woman thinks often of  that little black and white cat with a pink nose. That small cat taught her a very large lesson about happiness. And just in case you too find the sound of purring rather pleasant and relaxing, here's a little recording - thanks to YouTube

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