New relationship? 10 tips to help it last!

  1. Be honest, be yourself. Nothing erodes confidence more than trying to maintain a facade! It is exhausting and might cost you the relationship when (not if) you get caught out!
  2. Play it straight. Talk to each other and don't play games.  Speak up if something is bothering one of you - be kind and listen to each other. 
  3. Have confidence.  If you can believe in yourself you have much more chance of having a strong and confident relationship. If you are not confident then seek help - Confidence Coach at this link can help you.
  4. Together, layout the ground rules at the start. It is good to agree at the beginning how much time you plan to spend together and how you will make time to be with other friends and family.  Then stick to the agreement - no one should come back with recriminations.  
  5. Be gentle and affectionate. This is about being physically at ease with each other - no, I'm not talking about sex.  You should be able to touch each other easily and without feeling uncomfortable. If one of you cannot, then stop and think very carefully whether this relationship is right for you!
  6. Trust each other - don't snoop! Reading someone's emails or texts behind their back infringes their privacy. Taken out of context quite innocent words can cause grief.  If you think you have reason to be suspicious then have the confidence to talk about your fears
  7. Don't over analyze.  Ruminating on a relationship can kill it.  Who knows right now whether it is going to last.  Give it time to grow and flower - enjoy it for what it is.  This takes the pressure off both of you.  
  8. Don't build a world round just each other. You will be more intriguing for each other if you have a life apart and your own interests, as well as the life you share.  
  9. Think positive. If you begin to think “I don’t really deserve this wonderful person” change it immediately to “I deserve a good relationship with someone special like me!" Repeat! Repeat! This, too, will take the pressure off both of you - you can both feel good about each other!
  10. Get the major issues out there.  Don't let the relationship get too far without being honest about the important things that matter to you. Be honest about how you really feel about sex, families, religious differences etc! Much better to know where you both stand from the beginning - shocks later can be disastrous and very painful to live with! 

    Wendy Mason is a Life and Career Coach. She is passionate about her clients being fulfilled and successful in their careers and in their life out side work. She offers coaching by phone and Skype as well as face to face, particularly for those wanting to increase their confidence. If you would like to know more you can contact Wendy at  or ring ++44 (0)2084610114.  Her Skype ID is wendymason14.


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