Time Management: Know Where Time Goes - Keep A Log

Time Management: Know Where Time Goes - Keep A Log

My last post about Time Management (The Clock Is Ticking! How Good Are You At Time Management?) said that the first step in managing time is to be clear about your purpose and your direction in life. 

Now you need to find out how you actually spend your time.

The best way to do this is to start using a time log. Record each activity throughout your day with the time taken to complete it. Do this at the time, if you can.The closer to the time, the more accurate you log is going to be,  But at the very least, ensure you record each hour's activity at the end of each day.

For example

Date   Time          Activity


The period covered should be the whole of your waking day. Everything should be included if you are serious about wanting to a achieve a better balanced and more manageable life.  

Keeping a log for just a couple of days will not give you enough information for a thorough review.  

If you keep a log for a week or two, it will be much easier to spot behavioral patterns like procrastination and unassertiveness.  It will give you clues about who is consuming most of your time. You may find certain people regularly encroach on your time in a way that you wouldn't choose.

Keeping a time log can help you to see where changes can be made.  But it will increase your work load in the short-term.  Stick with it because it really will give you valuable information and help you to gain control.

If you have tips please share them here for others.  As a coach, I can help you recover your work-life balance - my email address is below. 

Wendy Mason is a Life and Career Coach.  She helps people have the confidence they need to be successful at work and to change career while maintaining a good work/life balance. You can email her at wendymason @wisewolfcoaching.com

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